An on-site, work session for your leadership team about the quickly-changing world of manufacturing marketing and sales. Includes a practical, results-focused presentation to get you up to speed on what's working and what's a waste of time and money.  

We'll show you what to focus on first and how to get started. And we'll share advice and insight that we've collected firsthand from dozens of industry experts, bestselling business authors and sales and marketing thought leaders.  

The secret to getting ahead is getting started.

A couple of years ago I got a call from a close friend and college classmate.

He'd already been the CEO of a couple of manufacturing businesses and just became the CEO of another.

He wanted to talk.

“Doug, what am I supposed to know about marketing these days?" he asked. "What matters and what should I be telling my marketing people to focus on?”

I explained to him all the changes that have occurred thanks to the internet and social media. I told him that people now research what they buy instead of going to the seller.

I reminded him that since it's easier than ever for buyers to ignore sellers, that's exactly what they are doing.

Long story short, after about 45 minutes he thanked me for separating the signal from the noise (to use an engineering term) and for helping him get a handle on what they should be focusing on and, perhaps more importantly, what he didn’t need to worry about. 

In such a time of great change, there are some major shifts to face up to if your marketing is going to have any effect.

That’s why many manufacturers in this situation find it helpful to get some advice and orientation before setting out on costly, misguided marketing directions.

A few hours of counsel and conversation can save time and money.


  • On-site presentation
  • Business strategy discussion review
  • Goals discussion/review
  • Survey question review
  • Q&A session
  • Site tour (time permitting)

COST: $500

(plus travel)


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the workshop?

You should plan on at least 3 hours.

Who should attend?

The more the merrier. But it will be most helpful if you can include key members of your leadership team and, if you have them, as many members of your sales team and marketing department as possible. 

Though, some companies choose to limit the attendees and use this work session primarily to evaluate our ideas and process and determine if we are a good fit.

What will we cover?

What does it cost?

$500 plus travel expenses (if necessary).

How should we prepare?

Are you going to try and sell me something?

No. This work session is about helping you understand the new landscape of sales and marketing for manufacturers. It's way to extend the conversation and find out if what we do is the right solution for your company.

How do we schedule and pay?

Click the link below to schedule a connect call.

We accept checks and you can also transfer funds through our PayPal account.

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