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Douglas Burdett on The Storytellers Network

julie-johnson-666385-unsplashDouglas Burdett sat down with Dan Moyle of The Storytellers Network podcast to discuss the importance of vulnerability in business and marketing.

“We’re very suspicious of anything slick and corporate,” Burdett said, explaining how today’s digital world has put a greater emphasis on the need for human contact.

It is vital for a company to understand their consumers’ “why.” According to Burdett, those businesses who search for a deeper meaning in a client’s problem set themselves away from the pack and experience greater success.


The Storytellers Network dedicates itself to bringing the art of the story to the masses. Each podcast brings a professional storyteller onto the show in an effort to educate and inspire.

Listen to Burdett’s full interview here.

Amanda Harrison
Amanda Harrison
A Navy veteran and word aficionado, Amanda is well-versed in sarcasm and witticism. She received her bachelor’s degree in English from Old Dominion University. In an effort to continue self-inflicted academic torture, she is now pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing while working and raising a family.

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