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Everything B2B Companies Need to Know About Social Media Marketing

B2B marketers who use social media can increase leads and revenue, educate and build relationships with their prospects, and lay the groundwork for long-term, profitable relationships.

b2b social media book release 500x500 resized 600Many B2B marketers have mistaken the use of social media as the bailiwick of consumer marketers.

In the new book, The B2B Social Media Book, authors Kip Bodnar and Jeffrey L. Cohen explain that social media is better suited to business-to-business (B2B) marketing than business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing.

The authors suggest 5 reasons why social media is ideal for B2B companies:

  • Clear Understanding of Customers - B2B marketers must have a deep understanding of their customers. And the most effective social media marketers have similar deep insights into the mind of their buyers.

  • Depth of Subject Matter Expertise - In social media, expertise of a body of knowledge is the source of content needed to fuel a social media fire. B2B companies have knowledgeable, innovative and creative employees who are a wellspring of information for developing content.

  • Need for Generating Higher Revenue with Lower Marketing Budgets - One of the many benefits of social media is that it has the ability to generate leads for less. This is nothing new to B2B marketers.

  • Relationship-Based Sales - With a lengthy sales process, high dollar amounts, and a variety of stakeholders, B2B sales are very much about relationships. Similarly, the social web facilitates relationship building over time and with a variety of stakeholders.

  • Already Have Practice Doing It - B2B marketers were doing social media before the term was coined. With tactics like newsletters, quarterly magazines and other marketing tactics, B2B companies have long been educating customers with content.

The B2B Social Media Book gives B2B marketers immediately actionable tactical guidance on all aspects of social media. And from blogs, to Twitter, LinkedIn, webinars, ebooks and trade shows, the book shows how to close the loop on social media with ROI.

At the end of the book, one of the most useful chapters deals with how to overcome organizational social media roadblocks, such as:

  • Legal wanting full approval of everything.

  • Blocking social network access.

  • Little support from the C-Suite.

  • Thinking that your customers are not attuned to social media.

  • Not thinking that you have the right people for social media.

  • Intertia - "We've always done it THIS way."

  • Obstreperous IT departments.

  • Not knowing where to start.

QUESTION: What social media roadblocks have you encountered?

Click here to download Chapter 1 of The B2B Social Media Book or view the SlideShare presentation below.


Douglas Burdett
Douglas Burdett
The Principal and Founder of Artillery, Douglas Burdett is a former artillery officer and Madison Avenue ad man. He also hosts The Marketing Book Podcast, where he interviews authors every week about the latest in modern marketing and sales.

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