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5 Steps to Joining the B2B Mobile Marketing Revolution

b2b mobile marketing revolution resized 600B2B companies who align their marketing with the profound and permanent shifts that mobile is driving will remain relevant, grow and prosper.

In a whitepaper by B2B marketing specialist Christina "CK" Kerley, she describes the speed and enormity of the mobile revolution.

"The statistics are nothing short of surreal: a global embedded base of 5­‐billion mobile subscriptions, bolstered by a 40% growth rate in smartphones for 2011, compounded by a whopping 240% year­‐over­‐year surge in mobile social networking, and topped‐off with 100% growth forecast for tablet computers this year. In fact, mobile integration represents the most sound business case that the B2B boardroom has ever seen, or imagined."

However, one of the biggest impediments for mobile marketing in the B2B world is perception. Many still think of mobile marketing as the bailiwick of consumer marketers.

" is how professionals stay in contact with their teams, stay abreast of breaking developments in their industries, and stay competitive in a 24­‐7 global business world.  Moreover, the perception held by many B2B marketers that mobile is purely a consumer marketing media is akin to thinking that professionals 'disconnect' when they arrive at work... when exactly the opposite is true."

Here is my summary of how B2B companies can join the mobile marketing revolution.

  1. Think INSIDE the box.  Online content needs to be properly optimized for mobile devices.  Otherwise, content developed only for a computer screen can be difficult to read on mobile devices. If you're reading this on a computer right now, take a moment and pull this up on your smart phone and your tablet and you'll see that it looks different on all 3 devices.  That's because it's been optimized for mobile devices.  Additionally, consideration needs to be given for the type of content someone needs on a mobile device versus on a computer.
  2. Be helpful. Marketers who develop mobile strategies to make their audiences' work activities better, faster and easier will win their customers' hearts and contracts.
  3. Get creative. An example would be to engage your desired trade show booth visitors with a quiz accessed on their mobile device, all before finding your booth.
  4. Content is still king. But it needs to be served up in a way that best suits the mobile environment.  Examples include short videos, podcasts and briefs of longer articles that appear only on mobile devices.
  5. Make your product mobile.  If at all possible, B2B marketers who can extend their product into the mobile realm can differentiate their product and deepen their customer relationships.

Click here to download a copy of The Mobile Revolution & B2B: Why Mobile Ignites A Revolution And The Marketing Imperatives For Today’s B2Bs or view the SlideShare presentation below.


photo credit: cpboingo via photo pin cc

Douglas Burdett
Douglas Burdett
The Principal and Founder of Artillery, Douglas Burdett is a former artillery officer and Madison Avenue ad man. He also hosts The Marketing Book Podcast, where he interviews authors every week about the latest in modern marketing and sales.

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