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The Only B2B Content Marketing Battle Map You Need

B2B marketers who map their content moves with the same thoroughness and precision as Stratego players can increase awareness, generate business opportunities and get more bang for their marketing buck. The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing this way: "Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action." Amidst the growing number of content marketing tactics, it’s easy for B2B companies to get overwhelmed by all the different options available. It’s no surprise that one of the biggest obstacles for content marketing is getting started.

Five Things to Consider for a Smart B2B Marketing Budget

With the right approach to building a marketing budget, B2B companies can clarify their business development goals, gain organizational direction for marketing and position themselves for more profitable growth. B2B companies developing marketing budgets are doing so in a time of great flux and change: Because of the Internet, the way that people buy is changing. In the recent past, when a customer was researching a purchase, they had to interact with a salesperson fairly early in the buying process to get product information. At that point, the salesperson could exert a lot of influence as they pulled the prospective buyer down the sales funnel. Now, however, buyers can research most of a purchase without having to first make contact with a company or their sales person. On the Internet, buyers can research prices, reviews, product information, etc. In fact, studies show that in B2B purchases, buyers can be 75% through their research before they first contact the seller

How to Launch a B2B Social Media Marketing Campaign

B2B companies who adopt social media marketing are able to reach current and prospective customers more efficiently, and track the effectiveness of their marketing dollars.

10 Steps to B2B Social Media Marketing Success

B2B companies that use social media correctly can increase awareness, build brand loyalty and attract top talent

B2B Trade Show Marketing Success in 12 Easy Steps

With the right planning, B2B marketers can use trade shows to speed up the sales cycle, reduce the cost of sales, and reach customers, prospects and even "hidden buyers." In an article by Margit B. Weisgal, President and CEO of the Trade Show Exhibitors Association, she outlines the benefits of trade shows: "Exhibit marketing is the most cost-effective means of reaching customers and prospects; it reduces the buying cycle; it allows you to reach hidden buyers.  Most important, though, is that it can reduce the cost of a sale by as much as 75%."


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