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10 Key B2B Marketing Trends

B2B firms who stay abreast of the latest marketing trends can better diversify into additional markets, evolve and grow. In an annual survey of marketing executives, Unica (a marketing solutions division of IBM) identified key trends that illustrate the "industrial revolution" occurring in the marketing world. Here's a recap of the most important B2B marketing trends: Marketers are getting the explosion of data under control. The #1 issue for marketers, according to 62% of respondents was "turning data into action."  Marketers identified "measurement, analysis & learning" as the biggest impediment to action.

Why B2B Companies are Moving to Content Marketing

B2B companies who use content marketing can raise awareness quickly, generate leads, increase website traffic and close more sales. Regardless of industry or company size, 9 in 10 organizations are now marketing with content, according to a comprehensive content marketing study of the state of B2B content marketing.  The study was fielded by MarketingProfs and Juna42, in association with the Business Marketing Association and American Business Media.

5 Steps to Joining the B2B Mobile Marketing Revolution

B2B companies who align their marketing with the profound and permanent shifts that mobile is driving will remain relevant, grow and prosper. In a whitepaper by B2B marketing specialist Christina "CK" Kerley, she describes the speed and enormity of the mobile revolution. "The statistics are nothing short of surreal: a global embedded base of 5­‐billion mobile subscriptions, bolstered by a 40% growth rate in smartphones for 2011, compounded by a whopping 240% year­‐over­‐year surge in mobile social networking, and topped‐off with 100% growth forecast for tablet computers this year. In fact, mobile integration represents the most sound business case that the B2B boardroom has ever seen, or imagined."


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