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Fortune 500 Aerospace and Defense Companies (2018)

The 2018 Fortune 500 includes 13 aerospace and defense companies. 


A total of 25 aerospace and defense firms are on the Fortune 1000. Of those 25 firms, 2 gained in rank, 11 dropped in rank, 15 posted job growth, 7 are on the most admired list of companies and 4 firms have female CEOs.

UPDATE: Click here for the 2019 Fortune 500 Aerospace & Defense List

These are the 25 aerospace and defense firms on the 2018 Fortune 500 (and Fortune 1000):

2018 Fortune 500

2018 Fortune 500 (2)

These 2 companies gained in rank:

gained in rank-1

And these 11 dropped in rank:

dropped in ranking
Job growth was reported at 15 of the companies:

job growth-1

These 7 firms are on Fortune's most admired list:

most admired-1

Here's how a company gets on the most admired list:


And four of the companies have female CEOs: Marillyn A. Hewson (Lockheed Martin),  Phebe N. Novakovic (General Dynamics), Lynn A. Dugle (Engility Holdings), and Eileen P. Drake (Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings). 

 woman ceos


As aerospace and defense firms diversify into commercial markets, their marketing is becoming more important.

Since a defense contractor’s website is one of its most important marketing assets, I included two indicators of a site’s authority as measured by Alexa.com:

  1. Alexa Traffic Rank – an estimate of how popular your site is relative to all other sites. The Alexa Rank answers the question: Compared to all other sites, how is my site doing? Note that since rank is a relative measure, a site’s rank is not only dependent on that site’s traffic, but also on changes to traffic on other sites.
  2. Sites Linking In – inbound links help search engines clearly define your niche and also increase the trust and quality of your site. Authoritative inbound links (from sites that are performing well) give a site credibility. A higher number of inbound links are generally obtained by producing engaging, original content.

For more on improving a site’s Alexa rank, check out “A Guide to Improving Your Alexa Rank.”

One of the best things a defense contractor can do to improve their marketing effectiveness is to have an educational blog with content that is useful to the people they need to reach to make a sale (i.e. not your company announcements). Here is a recent article about the benefits of blogging for defense contractors:

Why Defense Contractors Can’t Afford Not to Have a Blog

Social media is a marketing tactic that is getting increased adoption and usage by aerospace and defense companies. Social media is enabling these firms to increase awareness amongst key audiences, including customers, partners and potential employees. But as the study referenced in “15 Reasons Why More Aerospace & Defense CEOs are “Liking” Social Media,” it is just plain good for business.

Fortune 500 Twitter List updated annuallyGiven the growing importance of Twitter to aerospace and defense companies, I have included a link to each company’s Twitter account if I was able to locate one. I have also set up a list on Twitter of the defense contractors on the Fortune 500 which can be seen by clicking here or the graphic above.

Similarly, given the many benefits of having a LinkedIn company page, I have included links to each company’s LinkedIn company page.

Now onto the good stuff. The companies listed below are based on The Fortune 500's "Aerospace & Defense" industry search filter. Included are links to each company's website and Fortune 500 revenue data (in millions).



27. Boeing $93.392 billion LinkedIn_Logo16px twitter-bird-white-on-blue if_square-facebook_317727.png

Links: 9,819; Traffic Rank: 14,357

51. United Technologies $59.837 billion   LinkedIn_Logo16px  twitter-bird-white-on-blue if_square-facebook_317727.png 

Links: 2,331;Traffic Rank: 41,362 

 59. Lockheed Martin $51.048 billion LinkedIn_Logo16px   twitter-bird-white-on-blue
Links: 5,790; Traffic Rank: 45,740
 99. General Dynamics $30.973 billion  LinkedIn_Logo16px   twitter-bird-white-on-blue  if_square-facebook_317727.png Links: 205; Traffic Rank: 180,414
 118. Northrop Grumman $25.803 billion   LinkedIn_Logo16px  twitter-bird-white-on-blue if_square-facebook_317727.png  Links: 3,292; Traffic Rank: 63,314
 119. Raytheon $25.348 billion  LinkedIn_Logo16px   twitter-bird-white-on-blue  if_square-facebook_317727.png Links: 3,271; Traffic Rank: 41,548 
 208. Textron $14.198 billion  LinkedIn_Logo16px  twitter-bird-white-on-blue  if_square-facebook_317727.png  Links: 1,183; Traffic Rank: 79,641 
 225Arconic $12.960billion 

LinkedIn_Logo16px   twitter-bird-white-on-blue if_square-facebook_317727.png  Links: 273; Traffic Rank: 209,112 
 276. L-3 Technologies $11.002 billion  LinkedIn_Logo16px  twitter-bird-white-on-blue  if_square-facebook_317727.png Links: 189; Traffic Rank: 156,795
 381. Huntington Ingalls Industries $7.441 billion  LinkedIn_Logo16px   twitter-bird-white-on-blue  if_square-facebook_317727.png Links: 452; Traffic Rank: 237,077 
 405. Spirit AeroSystems Holdings $6.983 billion   LinkedIn_Logo16px  twitter-bird-white-on-blue   Links: 233; Traffic Rank: 604,091
407. Harris $6.939 billion   LinkedIn_Logo16px  twitter-bird-white-on-blue if_square-facebook_317727.png  Links: 1,595; Traffic Rank: 83,265  
 415. Rockwell Collins $6.822 billion  LinkedIn_Logo16px   twitter-bird-white-on-blue  if_square-facebook_317727.png Links: 1,007; Traffic Rank: 52,877
 541. Orbital ATK $4.764 billion  LinkedIn_Logo16px  twitter-bird-white-on-blue   if_square-facebook_317727.png Links: 3,254; Traffic Rank: 63,413
 661Triumph Group $3.532 billion  LinkedIn_Logo16px   twitter-bird-white-on-blue   Links: 218; Traffic Rank: 626,319 
662TransDigm Group  $3.528 billion   LinkedIn_Logo16px     Links: 58; Traffic Rank: 2,182,273
 807. Teledyne Technologies $2.603 billion   LinkedIn_Logo16px     Links: 314; Traffic Rank: 230,189 
 830. Moog $2.497 billion  LinkedIn_Logo16px  twitter-bird-white-on-blue  if_square-facebook_317727.png Links: 752; Traffic Rank: 117,310 
 885Curtiss-Wright $2.271 billion   LinkedIn_Logo16px  twitter-bird-white-on-blue   Links: 284; Traffic Rank: 769,475 
931. Woodward $2.098 billion   LinkedIn_Logo16px  twitter-bird-white-on-blue  if_square-facebook_317727.png Links: 384; Traffic Rank: 247,781
 955. Esterline Technologies $2.005 billion   LinkedIn_Logo16px  twitter-bird-white-on-blue if_square-facebook_317727.png  Links: 390; Traffic Rank: 271,153
 956Delta Tucker Holdings $2.004 billion  LinkedIn_Logo16px   twitter-bird-white-on-blue  if_square-facebook_317727.png Links: 303; Traffic Rank: 207,938
 960Hexcel $1.973 billion   LinkedIn_Logo16px twitter-bird-white-on-blue  if_square-facebook_317727.png  Links: 350; Traffic Rank: 354,967
 976. Engility Holdings $1.931 billion   LinkedIn_Logo16px  twitter-bird-white-on-blue if_square-facebook_317727.png  Links: 33; Traffic Rank: 476,843
 989. Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings $1.877 billion   LinkedIn_Logo16px  twitter-bird-white-on-blue  if_square-facebook_317727.png Links: 370; Traffic Rank: 431,858 



Below, you can scroll through the latest real-time Tweets from these A&D companies on the Fortune 500.

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The Principal and Founder of Artillery, Douglas Burdett is a former artillery officer and Madison Avenue ad man. He also hosts The Marketing Book Podcast, where he interviews authors every week about the latest in modern marketing and sales.

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