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We need a journalist with a particular set of skills

Norfolk, VA

tmg-article_tallIn the 2009 film Taken, Liam Neeson stars as Bryan Mills, a man who must rescue his daughter after she gets kidnapped in Paris.

At one point, Bryan talks to his daughter’s kidnappers on the phone. He very calmly tells them to let his little girl go or else he will be forced to use his very “particular set of skills” to make them miserable, and eventually, dead.

Just to clarify, here at Artillery, we’re looking for a very different “particular set of skills.”

We need a writer who is ready to make the leap from traditional journalism to the ever-changing world of modern marketing and content creation.

No experience in marketing, advertising or the thrilling world of business-to-business commerce? No problem.

In fact, no experience is the OPPOSITE of a problem.

Journalists are a hot commodity in the world of marketing right now. The smartest companies picked up on this a while ago.

Just ask marketing Jedi Master David Meerman Scott, who wrote:

"I'm convinced based on the characteristics, skill sets, and work ethic of the journalists I know as well as the evidence from companies (such as IBM) that have already experimented with hiring journalists into the marketing department, that this approach is the right one.”

Or you can ask Artillery’s own Content Director, Pete Humes (aka me).

I spent years writing for magazines and newspapers before finally jumping (the sinking) ship and diving headfirst into the world of marketing.

Today I still get to write stories, interview interesting people and figure out ways to better communicate ideas. My day-to-day job is basically the same.

The only two things I miss about working at a newspaper? The daily sense of dread knowing that your job could disappear at any moment and those adorable, tiny paychecks (so cute).


What "particular set of skills" are we looking for?

  • Writing
  • Interviewing
  • Editing
  • Storytelling
  • Researching
  • Fact-checking
  • Summarizing
  • Simplifying complex information
  • Digital savvy
  • Knowledge of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN)
  • Desire to learn modern marketing tactics  

This might be the position for you if...

  • You are naturally curious and slightly obsessed with learning a little bit about everything.

  • You are comfortable talking to all kinds of people about all kinds of things.

  • You recognize that writing with simplicity and clarity is more important than cleverness and five-dollar words.

  • You enjoy the challenge of finding a story where others don’t see one.

  • You understand that the process of restructuring, rewriting and revision is a collaborative process that always results in better content.

  • You embrace deadlines and work well within a schedule.

  • You accept the theory that writing talent is not genetic or learned, but an ability that develops on a cellular level after years of intense caffeine consumption.

  • You work hard but don’t take yourself too seriously.


Is this position full-time? Part-time? Freelance?

Ideally, our search will land us the perfect candidate for a full-time position at Artillery. 

But we realize life is funny and opportunity is all about timing.

Maybe you are currently working as a journalist, but want to give this contenting marketing thing a trial run before jumping out of the airplane.

Maybe you just want to learn more about the scope of the position and the kind of work involved.

We get it. And for the right candidate, we aren't opposed to flexibility.

Interested? Apply now!