Symptoms of
Marketing Agency Addiction

These are some signs your company may need our help.

Chronically weak results from your marketing agency


Increased "marketing activity" doesn't result in revenue
Frequent loss of deals to competition


Fractured sales and marketing efforts
Confusion and blurred vision among leadership team
Bloated expenditures from underused CRM/CMS


Slow growth (failure to thrive) and increased weakness


Exhaustion, anxiety and persistent sense of hopelessness

Untitled-1How much is your addiction costing you?

Marketing agency addiction is when a company carelessly relinquishes control of its most important sources of growth to an outside marketing agency, mistakenly believing that it is not capable of doing so itself.

Marketing agency addiction is often accompanied by a smirking, dismissive lack of interest in the subject of marketing, thinking that it's trivial or unimportant.

Rather than using marketing to build trust and generate more sales, Marketing Agency Addicts hire an outside agency to do tactical “marketing activity” that results in beautiful websites, company-focused website content, SEO services, online advertising, social media posts, promotional products, and creative awards.

cash man

Throwing money at “marketing activity” makes companies feel like they're “doing something.”

It's sort of like buying lottery tickets and dreaming about hitting the jackpot.

Hey, you never know, right? 

Marketing agency addiction is not the fault of marketing agencies anymore than a drug dealer is responsible for their customers’ drug addiction. 

Agencies are doing what they are being paid to do. 

The most dangerous aspect of marketing agency addiction is the harm it does to sales.

That’s why marketing agency addiction is a silent sales killer.



Is there a cure for Marketing Agency Addiction?

Yes, but it can’t be done cold turkey.

To fully recover from Marketing Agency Addiction, your organization must follow a series of steps on the road to recovery. 

Learn About the Road to Recovery