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Want to Be a Guest on The Marketing Book Podcast?
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Hello, I'm Douglas Burdett.

I genuinely appreciate your interest in being a guest on The Marketing Book Podcast, which was named by LinkedIn as one of "10 Podcasts that Will Make You a Better Marketer" and by Forbes as one of "11 Smart Podcasts That Will Keep You In The Know."

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What Guests Are Saying

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“As a first-class interviewer, Douglas has built a targeted, highly-engaged audience. I still hear from people who find my episodes years later. I’d recommend this podcast to any business author who enjoys thoughtful conversation.”

Anne Janzer
Author of Writing to Be Understood and Subscription Marketing

"Doug is the most prepared interviewer in the business. As the host of The Marketing Book Podcast, the man has literally pored over the subject matter. You will always get amazing questions from Doug."

Mark Schaefer
Author of Marketing Rebellion, Known, The Content Code, Social Media Explained and The Tao of Twitter

“A spike in sales and personal notes from readers saying, 'I heard about your book on the Marketing Book Podcast?' Yes, please! On top of that, it’s an A+ (and fun) interview experience.”

Pamela Wilson
Author of Master Content Marketing and Master Content Strategy

"If you want to stay informed on the best books in the sales and marketing world I highly recommend listening to Doug’s show. It’s absolutely one of my favorites and I listen to it every single Friday."

James Muir
Author of The Perfect Close


The Marketing Book Podcast Reaches Listeners in over 160 Countries!




I Want to Highlight You and Your Book

Your advice and opinions on modern marketing (and sales) will be the focus of the episode. During our interview, I will ask about the key ideas and actionable insights from your book, with the goal of giving the listener as much practical advice as possible.

Several authors have been surprised that I actually read their books before interviewing them. I mention that because I enjoy making sure each interview is a great listening experience for my growing audience of people who want to learn more about books like yours.

But I want your 45-minute time investment to be worth your while as well. After your interview is published, I will promote it extensively via email and social media.



David Meerman Scott and Douglas Burdett
David Meerman Scott and Douglas Burdett.

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Congratulations on your book!

A few things to keep in mind: 

  • I tend to feature new books from major publishers and/or bestselling authors that have actionable marketing (and sales) insights, tips, tactics, and resources.
  • Self-published books are rarely featured.
  • Books do not have to be hot off the presses. If it’s a great book, I want to share it with my listeners regardless of when it was published.
  • If the book is still in the works, a PRINTED advance reading copy is fine. If I think your book will be a hit with my listeners, I'll be in touch.



Ready to Send Your Book? 

Please mail a PRINTED COPY to:
Douglas Burdett
1301 Baecher Lane
Norfolk VA 23509