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The ABM Effect: How to Win, Retain, and Grow Valuable Clients for Market-Beating Growth by Alisha Lyndon

The Marketing Book Podcast: "The ABM Effect” by Alisha Lyndon

About the Book

Conventional sales and marketing strategies typically involve pitching to broad markets to establish brand recognition and stimulate demand, ultimately leading to revenue generation.

However, a more efficient and impactful approach is to acknowledge and treat each client as a distinct market in its own right.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM), pioneered by Lyndon, is quickly emerging as the number one growth strategy for firms selling high-value solutions to large and complex clients.

Packed with real-life stories and insights, this book reveals how-to approaches for:

  • Enabling clients to make purchase decisions by meeting them on their terms and overcoming buyer caution
  • Removing friction from the buying processes through the alignment of selling and marketing efforts
  • Navigating the dynamics of buying teams, fostering genuine connections, and cultivating trust-based relationships

The ABM Effect provides a radical rethink of the role of selling and marketing when it comes to strategic clients, creating a win-win scenario for both the firm and its clients.

About the Author

Alisha Lyndon pioneered the idea of Account-Based Marketing to drive growth in strategic accounts.

She is Chief Executive at Momentum ITSMA, which she founded in 2011, advising global technology, professional, and financial services firms on growth strategies, key account development, and team alignment.

Before Momentum ITSMA, Alisha spent 10 years in growth roles at technology firms, including Microsoft.

Alisha is also the host of the Account-Based Marketing Podcast, is a regular contributor to Forbes, and is a speaker on growth topics.

And, interesting fact – she is living in the 4th house she designed herself!

house building

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