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The Brand Benefits Playbook: Why Customers Aren’t Buying What You’re Selling–And What to Do About It by Allen Weiss and Debbie MacInnis

allen weiss brand benefits playbook

About the Book

From two of the world’s leading experts on branding, brand benefits, and positioning, this strategic guide reveals how focusing on brand benefits can transform organizations and help them win in the marketplace.

Today’s customers think less about products and more about brands, no matter whether those brands are organizational, nonprofit, individuals, or service-oriented.

Customers also care less about the features of your product—what it has—than about its benefits—what it does for them.

While this sounds like common sense, shockingly few organizations actually conduct business this way.

Drs. Allen Weiss and Debbie J. MacInnis, professors and branding, brand benefits, and positioning experts, are about to change that.

In The Brand Benefits Playbook, Weiss and MacInnis help readers understand, and transition to, a benefits-based model.

This focus on customer benefits will teach organizations:

  • What market they are in (or could be operating in)
  • How customers perceive their brand (and that of their competitors) in terms of benefits
  • The most effective way to segment a market and position a brand in terms of benefits
  • How to deliver benefits throughout the customer journey
  • How a focus on benefits facilitates growth

Evidence-based, integrated, and simple, this innovative approach can be applied to all markets—and ensures that any brand can deliver the benefits its customers truly want.

About the Author

Allen Weiss, Ph.D., is the founder and CEO of MarketingProfs, the largest B2B marketing training, consulting, and event company dedicated to helping large organizations, teams, and individuals execute marketing campaigns that drive actual results.

He is also a consultant, conference speaker, and Emeritus Professor at USC. Dr. Weiss has developed a rigorous process for benefit positioning in his consulting with global technology companies.

His work can be seen in tech brands including Intel and Texas Instruments and categories like banks and insurance companies.

And, interesting facts – he has an engineering degree and was in a band that opened for major recording acts like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bonnie Raitt, and Kenny Loggins!

Lynyrd Skynyrd

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