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Email Marketing Rules: 184 Best Practices to Optimize the Subscriber Experience and Drive Business Success by Chad S. White


About the Book

The most comprehensive email marketing book from the most prolific email marketing author helps you master the most misunderstood marketing channel. 

Updated and greatly expanded, the 4th Edition of Email Marketing Rules demystifies this vital channel, guiding you through its complexities to find the best execution for your brand—the one that serves the needs of your business and the needs of your subscribers.

Volume 1 of Email Marketing Rules discusses 184 best practices that help you…

  • Build productive, safe email lists by identifying valuable subscriber acquisition sources, using appropriate permission practices, and managing inactives wisely
  • Set the right program goals by understanding “deep metrics” and properly interpreting campaign, channel, and subscriber metrics
  • Create relevant messages with subject lines that draw in subscribers while avoiding “opener’s remorse” and designs that focus subscribers on taking action
  • Craft high-performance triggered emails, including welcome programs that set you up for long-term success
  • Effectively plan and produce emails with workflows that allow you to seize opportunities and avoid errors
  • And much more, including understanding the law, optimizing email frequency, using the best landing pages, and doing A/B testing

Volume 2 of Email Marketing Rules discusses strategic frameworks that help you…

  • Understand the channel’s unique quirks, including the strengths and limitations that come from email marketing being granted media (not owned media)
  • Grow your audience while safeguarding your email deliverability and following the law
  • Collect and use subscriber data to create personalized, segmented, and automated campaigns that connect with subscribers and avoid being creepy
  • Measure program success effectively by using each metric appropriately and improving channel attribution accuracy
  • Steadily improve your email marketing program through minimum viable launches, incremental improvements, testing, and innovation nurturing
  • And much more, including 6 extensive checklists for auditing and optimizing your targeting, acquisition sources, cross-channel synergies, and more

About the Author

Chad S. White is the author of four editions of Email Marketing Rules and nearly 4,000 posts and articles about email and digital marketing.

He has served as the lead email marketing researcher at four of the world’s largest email service providers—Oracle, Responsys, Salesforce, and ExactTarget—as well as at Litmus and the Direct Marketing Association.

A former journalist at Condé Nast and Dow Jones & Co., Chad has been featured in more than 100 publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Advertising Age.

He is a past recipient of the Association of National Advertiser’s Email Marketer Thought Leader of the Year.

And, interesting fact – he is a graduate of Texas A&M University!


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