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The Marketing Book Podcast: "Friday Forward" by Robert Glazer

Friday Forward: Inspiration & Motivation to End Your Week Stronger Than It Started by Robert Glazer

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About the Author

Bob Glazer is an international keynote speaker and founder and CEO of the Boston-based global marketing agency Acceleration Partners.

He is the author of several books including the Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller Elevate: Push Beyond Your Limits and Unlock Success in Yourself and the international bestseller Performance Partnerships: The Checkered Past, Changing Present and Exciting Future of Affiliate Marketing (which was episode 264 in January of 2020).

Bob is a regular contributor for Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Inc. (to name a few), and his inspirational Friday Forward posts are read by over 200,000 business leaders across 60+ countries each week.

He is the host of the popular podcast Elevate with Robert Glazer, where he chats with CEOs, authors, thinkers, and top performers about the keys to achieving at a high level. 

And interesting fact, the legendary radio shock jock and self-proclaimed "King of All Media" Howard Stern attend Bob’s bar mitzvah!

About the Book

Wake up. Get inspired. Change the world. Repeat.

Global business leader and national bestselling author, Robert Glazer, believes we all have a responsibility to each other: to give one another the inspiration and support we need to be our best.

What started as a weekly note known as "Friday Forward" to his team of forty has turned into a global movement reaching over 200,000 leaders across sixty countries and continually forwarded to friends and family.

In Friday Forward, Robert shares fifty-two of his favorite stories with real-life examples that will motivate you to grow and push you to be your best self.

He encourages you to use this book as part of a positive and intentional Friday morning routine to get the weekend started on a forward-looking note that will carry you through the week.

At once uplifting and deeply thought-provoking, these stories will challenge you to propel yourself outside your comfort zone to unlock your innate potential.

By making small, intentional changes, you have the power to create lasting impact, not only in your own life, but also to inspire those around you to do the same. Today is the perfect day to start.

"Glazer's collection of inspiring, thought-provoking stories gives the motivation and mentorship you need to build a more fulfilling life and career."

—Daniel H. Pink, author of "When" and "Drive"

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Douglas Burdett
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