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Go Big or Go Home: 5 Ways to Create a Customer Experience That Will Close the Deal by Diana Kander and Tucker Trotter

The Marketing Book Podcast: "Go Big or Go Home" by Diana Kander

About the Book

How do underdogs close huge deals they have no business winning? How do rainmakers pull off a sale before the RFP is ever issued?

They don’t do it with a logical argument or even the best PowerPoint presentation.

They do it by turning their pitch into an emotional experience that makes the customer think, “This just feels right.”

This book is your blueprint for tapping into a client’s gut feeling and bringing home the win.

Go Big or Go Home is the greatest collection of the most memorable pitches in film, sports, business, and philanthropy.

These stories come from individuals and organizations that decided to Go Big or Go Home because their deals were too important to fail.

One day, you’ll have a pitch that matters just as much.

And when you do, you can follow the five tools outlined in this book to create an experience that will close the deal.

About the Author

Diana Kander is a keynote speaker on curiosity and innovation and a New York Times bestselling author. A serial entrepreneur, she has launched and sold millions of dollars of products and services.

As a consultant, Diana has helped create multi-billion dollar products, coached boards and executive committees on innovation best practices, and implemented culture transformations.

Her two previous books are The Curiosity Muscle: How Four Simple Questions Can Uncover Powerful Insights and Exponential Growth (2018), and All In Startup: Launching a New Idea When Everything Is on the Line (2014).

Also, Diana can juggle. And do a handstand. Though not yet at the same time.

And, interesting fact – she was born in Odesa, Ukraine!

Diana Kander and Tucker Trotter


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