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Happy Work: How To Create A Culture Of Happiness by Nicholas Webb

About the Book

Every year, highly respected CEOs, leaders, and managers launch, with the very best of intentions, “quality of work life” initiatives.

These leaders believe that happy employees are better employees, and they seek to make changes that will fulfill those conditions.

Regrettably, despite their high expectations, these programs nearly always fail. The metrics they are designed to improve — productivity, employee engagement, and even company profitability — don’t budge. It is as if nothing had been done.

The author Nicholas Webb’s company has become something of an organizational hazmat team, tasked with cleaning up after ineffective quality of work-life initiatives.

Based on his experience with numerous organizations over thirty years, he has formulated powerful solutions that really work. The lessons he’s learned are presented in the pages of this book.

Nicholas Webb shares how to avoid the common pitfalls and how to leverage new best practices that provide predictable, measurable returns on your happiness initiative.

You’ll also discover the corollary between happy customers, sales growth, and innovation in the furtherance of happy employees.

You will learn why you should avoid the vast survey industry, and how to get real insights about what your employees want and need in order to build a workplace that your competitors will envy.

Your newly forged happiness initiative will attract and keep the best talent in your marketplace, drive the best innovations, build scalable and predictable revenue growth, and significantly improve the returns on your organizational strategies.

This book contains both deep research and thirty years of practical experience. You will learn how to leverage these insights to avoid common mistakes and enjoy the benefits of proven methods that deliver real results.

If applied properly with the correct infrastructure and training, your organization will achieve some or all of the following benefits:

  • Attract and keep the best talent in your market.
  • Significant increases in employee productivity and presentism.
  • Reduced workforce stress and healthcare costs.
  • Improved returns on enterprise strategy.
  • Major improvements in customer experience.
  • Predictable and measurable increases in revenue.
  • Improvements and cost reduction and efficiency.
  • Predictable improvements and innovation.

We live in challenging times. All over the world, employees of companies large and small are questioning their career choices. Instead of taking their life path for granted and settling for what society offers them, many are asking, “Is this all there is? Why should I commute to a boring or distasteful job with little future, just to pay my mortgage? I want to do something that has meaning to me. I want to get up and go to work with a smile on my face.”

The Great Resignation served as a wake-up call. Today, the best companies have to compete for the best employees, and it’s not just about the size of the paycheck, it’s about performing meaningful work that creates value. This book gives every company a road map to relevance and competitiveness and helps make “Happy Work” a reality.

About the Author

Nicholas Webb is one of the top company culture experts in the world. He has been awarded the Global Gurus Top 30 designation for customer service for 7 years.

Nick is the CEO of Learn Logic an employee and company culture training advisory firm that works with some of the top brands to help them build world-class employee and customer experiences.

As a technologist, he has been awarded more than 40 US patents for consumer and technology products. He also served as an adjunct professor for a health science university, where he led the Center for Innovation.

Nick is the author of multiple best-selling books on business innovation, customer and employee experience, and leadership. He is also one of the top keynote speakers on business growth, innovation, future trends, and company culture.

And, interesting fact – he is now a member of The Marketing Book Podcast 4-Timers Club!

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