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High-Impact Content Marketing: Strategies to Make Your Content Intentional, Engaging, and Effective by Purna Virji

Purna Virji High-Impact Content Marketing

About the Book

Create meaningful engagement, drive conversion rates and boost customer retention with this crucial resource to unlocking the true potential of your content marketing strategy.

In an era of user-generated, human-generated and machine-generated content, mistakes are increasingly costlier to make. And more difficult to recover from.

To succeed in the highly competitive creator economy of today and the future, content marketers need to rethink their approach or go the way of the dinosaurs.

High-Impact Content Marketing shows how to succeed by taking a simplified yet strategic approach to standing out and driving revenue impact.

It covers time-proven strategies to create video, audio, social media, and longer-form content that audiences will actually want to consume and how to do so in a genuinely inclusive way.

It also shows how to master content distribution across channels such as websites, blogs, email, and social media networks to maximize reach, engagement, and impact.

What makes High-Impact Content Marketing unique is how it weaves in behavioral science and adult learning principles to maximize and measure impact.

It features easy-to-implement frameworks and actionable guides throughout as well as examples of best-in-class content marketing from the likes of Patagonia, Microsoft, Spotify, and Google plus interviews with top industry experts from across the globe.

Guidance is also included on how to align content with various stages of the customer journey. This is an essential blueprint for ensuring the long-term success of your content marketing strategy to increase brand awareness, build relationships, and boost conversions.

About the Author

Purna Virji is a globally renowned content strategist whose current title is Principal Consultant, Content Solutions at LinkedIn.

She previously led Microsoft’s global learning and thought leadership programs and is an award-winning former journalist.

Virji is a top-rated international keynote speaker featured in The Drum, The Next Web, Search Engine Journal, and AdWeek.

She has also been recognized as an AdWeek Young Influential, was crowned the Search Personality of the Year by the US Search Awards, and was named “The Most Influential PPC Expert in the World” by PPC Hero.

And, interesting fact – she speaks six languages and has never seen a Star Wars movie!

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