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Immersion: The Science of the Extraordinary and the Source of Happiness by Paul Zak

The Marketing Book Podcast: “Immersion: The Science of the Extraordinary and the Source of Happiness” by Paul Zak

About the Book

No one raves about boring movies, bland customer service experiences, or sleep-inducing classes.

The world is rapidly transforming into an experience economy as people increasingly crave extraordinary experiences.

Experience designers, marketers, entertainment producers, and retailers have long sought to fill this craving.

Now, there’s a scientific formula to consistently create extraordinary experiences.

The data shows that those who use this formula increase the impact of experiences tenfold.

Creating the extraordinary used to be extraordinarily hard. Immersion offers a framework for transforming nearly any situation from ordinary to extraordinary.

Based on twenty years of neuroscience research from his lab and innumerable client applications, Dr. Paul J. Zak explains why brains crave the extraordinary.

Clear instructions and examples show readers exactly how to create amazing experiences for customers, prospects, employees, audiences, and learners.

You can guess if your experience will be extraordinary—or you can apply the insights from Immersion to ensure it is.

About the Author

Dr. Paul J. Zak is a Professor of economics, psychology, and management at Claremont Graduate University and is one of the most cited scientists with over 200 published papers and more than 20,000 citations to his research.

Paul’s two decades of research have taken him from the Pentagon to Fortune 50 boardrooms to the rainforest of Papua New Guinea.

Along the way, he helped start several interdisciplinary fields including neuroeconomics, neuromanagement, and neuromarketing.

His other books include Trust Factor: The Science of Creating High-Performance Companies and The Moral Molecule: How Trust Works.

Paul is also a four-time tech entrepreneur; his current company, Immersion Neuroscience, is a software platform that allows anyone to measure what the brain loves in real time to improve outcomes in entertainment, education and training, advertising, and live events.

He frequently appears in the media in such places as Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, Fox & Friends, ABC Evening News, and his work has been reported in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Time, The Economist, Scientific American, Fast Company, Forbes and many other publications.

And interesting facts – he met his wife on a flight from Cincinnati to LA, he served as a relationship expert on the Dr Phil show and ABC’s hit TV show The Bachelor, and he created a Valentine’s Day experiment for NBC’s Today Show!

the bachelor

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