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Mastering Marketing Agility: Transform Your Marketing Teams and Evolve Your Organization by Andrea Fryrear

About the Author

Andrea Fryrear is an author, international keynote speaker, and the co-founder of AgileSherpas, an agile marketing training and consulting firm.

She spends the majority of her time helping marketing organizations, from global Fortune 50 enterprises to startups, transform their operations by applying agile principles and practices.

She is the co-author of the world’s first internationally-recognized agile marketing certification.

In addition to Mastering Marketing Agility, Andrea is the author of Death of a Marketer, which chronicles marketing’s troubled past and charts a course to its more agile future.

And, interesting fact: she earned a postgraduate degree from the University of Oxford in England, and while there she was on the volleyball team!

About the Book

The leading authority on agile marketing shows how to build marketing operations that can pivot freely and yet remain committed to priorities.

As a marketer, are you tired of chasing marketing fads and algorithm rumors that seem to change every couple of months? This guide to building the perfect marketing department will help you achieve the latest and greatest without having to rebuild your operations from scratch every time the wind shifts.

Agile strategies have been the accepted modus operandi for software development for two decades, and marketing is poised to follow in its footsteps. As the audiences we market to become ever more digital, agile frameworks are emerging as the best and only way to manage marketing.

This book is a signpost showing the way toward the agile future of marketing operations, explaining how every role, from social media intern up to chief marketing officer, can work in unison, responding to the market’s demanding challenges without losing focus on the big picture.

You will learn what it takes for marketing agility to thrive–customer focus, transparency, continuous improvement, adaptability, trust, bias for action, and courage–along with the anti-patterns that can drag you down. Most important, you will learn how to implement the systems, strategies, and practices that will truly transform your marketing operations.

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