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The Marketing Book Podcast: "Sustainable Marketing" by Michelle Carvill

Sustainable Marketing: How to Drive Profits with Purpose by Michelle Carvill, Gemma Butler and Geraint Evans

The Marketing Book Podcast: "Selling From The Heart" by Larry Levine

Selling From The Heart: How Your Authentic Self Sells You! By Larry Levine

The Marketing Book Podcast: "Ultimate Guide to Google Ads" by Mike Rhodes

Ultimate Guide to Google Ads by Perry Marshall, Mike Rhodes, and Bryan Todd

The Marketing Book Podcast: "The Hype Handbook" by Michael F. Schein

The Hype Handbook: 12 Indispensable Success Secrets From the World’s Greatest Propagandists, Self-Promoters, Cult Leaders, Mischief Makers, and Boundary Breakers by Michael F. Schein

The Marketing Book Podcast: "The Experience Economy" by James Gilmore

The Experience Economy: Competing for Customer Time, Attention, and Money by Joseph Pine and James Gilmore

The Marketing Book Podcast: "Sell The Way You Buy" by David Priemer

Sell the Way You Buy: A Modern Approach To Sales That Actually Works (Even On You!) by David Priemer

The Marketing Book Podcast: "The Strategy Mindset 2.0" by Dr. Chuck Bamford

The Strategy Mindset 2.0: A Practical Guide To The Design and Implementation of Strategy by Dr. Chuck Bamford

The Marketing Book Podcast: "Stand-Out Marketing" by Stacey Danheiser

Stand-out Marketing: How to Differentiate Your Organization in a Sea of Sameness by Stacey Danheiser, Simon Kelly and Paul Johnston

The Marketing Book Podcast: "Cumulative Advantage" by Mark Schaefer

Cumulative Advantage: How to Build Momentum for your Ideas, Business and Life Against All Odds by Mark Schaefer

The Marketing Book Podcast: "The Smart Marketing Book" by Dan White

The Smart Marketing Book: The Definitive Guide to Effective Marketing Strategies by Dan White

The Marketing Book Podcast: "The Ministry of Common Sense" by Martin Lindstrom

The Ministry of Common Sense: How to Eliminate Bureaucratic Red Tape, Bad Excuses, and Corporate BS by Martin Lindstrom

The Marketing Book Podcast: "Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising" by Bob Regnerus

Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising by Perry Marshall, Bob Regnerus, and Thomas Meloche

The Marketing Book Podcast: "The Influencer Code" by Amanda Russell

The Influencer Code: How to Unlock the Power of Influencer Marketing by Amanda Russell

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