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The Point: How to Win with Clarity-Fueled Communications by Steve Woodruff

Steve Woodruff The Point

About the Book

Is it possible to grab an audience’s attention in this noisy, confusing world?

According to Steven Woodruff, the solution can be summed up in a word: clarity.

Clarity-fueled communication is the practice of using the fewest words to make the biggest impact.

The Point unveils how the overloaded human brain wants information packaged, and how to craft brain-friendly messages that break through the noise.

From email to sales pitches, from workshops to resumes, Steve Woodruff’s Clarity Fuel Formula is the universal recipe for communications success.

The Point includes four simple actions and eight compelling shortcuts that can be used by anyone to get to the point and get others on the same page.

About the Author

Steve Woodruff is known as the King of Clarity.

He is a consultant and author who has helped solo consultants to Fortune 100 pharmaceutical companies – with their communications strategy and messaging.

Over more than four decades, Steve has taught, sold, presented, preached, marketed, blogged, authored, collaborated, coached, and networked… and at the core of every one of those activities is figuring out how to communicate clearly and effectively.

That’s how the idea of finding a single, practical recipe – the Clarity Fuel Formula – evolved.

He released his first book, Clarity Wins in 2018 (which was featured on episode 220 of The Marketing Book Podcast), with a focus on helping professionals with their branding and referral networking.

And, interesting fact – he and his wife are the proud parents of five sons, one of whom served in the United States Marine Corps!


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