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The Marketing Book Podcast: "Selling Boldly" by Alex Goldfayn

Selling Boldly: Applying the New Science of Positive Psychology to Dramatically Increase Your Confidence, Happiness, and Sales by Alex Goldfayn

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Alex is the CEO of the Revenue Growth Consultancy and is also the author of The Revenue Growth Habit: The Simple Art Of Growing Your Business By 15% In 15 Minutes A Day, Which was selected as the sales book of the Year by 800-CEO-Read, and Forbes selected it as one of the top 15 business books of the year.

And he is the author of Evangelist Marketing: What Apple, Amazon And Netflix Understand About Their Customers (That Your Company Probably Doesn't).

Alex does more than 50 speeches and workshops each year, and regularly keynotes large annual association meetings as well as sales kickoff events.

And interesting fact: he was born in Ukraine, when it was still part of the former Soviet Union.

The Host's Perspective:


Would you like to grow your sales? It takes only two steps.

Here are the two steps (and an executive summary of the book).

The first step is to know how good you are so that you gain confidence, positivity, and boldness.

The second step is to communicate with customers and prospects more, because the more we communicate, the more we sell. (The less we communicate, the less we sell. It never works the other way. We can never communicate less, and sell more.)

Now while those are just two steps, there is an entire book devoted to helping you understand how to do them correctly.

Selling more, quickly, is a function of thinking the right way – confidently, boldly, optimistically – and then communicating your optimism systematically to your customers and prospects.

The book explains that the single greatest killer of sales is fear. And when you think hard about the fear, it’s usually way overblown. But there is an enormous cost of fear in sales.

Retired U.S. Marine Corps General James Mattis famously said “The most important six inches on the battlefield is the space between your ears.”

Selling Boldly helps you with those six inches by walking you through the critical mindsets shifts that are needed for dramatic sales growth, as well as offering practical, simple, yet tremendously important sales tactics and tips.


Listen to the Interview:


Show Notes

Grit by Angela Duckworth

The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor

Learned Optimism by Martin Seligman

The Optimistic Child by Martin Seligman

The Five Minute Journal

Alex Goldfayn’s Website

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Alex Goldfayn’s Twitter

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Douglas Burdett
Douglas Burdett
The Principal and Founder of Artillery, Douglas Burdett is a former artillery officer and Madison Avenue ad man. He also hosts The Marketing Book Podcast, where he interviews authors every week about the latest in modern marketing and sales.

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