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The Marketing Book Podcast: "Subscription Marketing" by Anne Janzer

Subscription Marketing: Strategies for Nurturing Customers in a World of Churn by Anne Janzer


Anne Janzer is an author, speaker, and marketing consultant who has worked more than one hundred technology companies. Her clients include serial entrepreneurs, industry thought leaders, and technology pioneers.

She speaks at conferences on topics including marketing, customer success, and subscription marketing.


The Host's Perspective: 

Have you ever considered how many products you subscribe to these days?

Think about it: your broadband subscription, business software, Netflix, Amazon Prime, your gym, pest control, landscaping, HVAC maintenance, Costco membership, maybe a Wall Street Journal or New York Times subscription. Need more examples? Look at your credit card statements.

More and more companies are selling their services via subscription.

It’s known as The Subscription Economy. As businesses adopt subscription models for selling their goods and services, marketing organizations need to adapt. That’s because the strategies that marketers have used for years to make one-time sales are woefully inadequate when the customer relationship continues over time. Sure, your marketing needs to help gain a customer, but in the subscription economy your marketing needs to work even harder to keep them. As a result, the subscription economy is dramatically changing the practice of marketing.

“Subscription Marketing” offers creative marketing strategies for nurturing subscription customers long after the initial sale, using marketing campaigns and programs to increase customer retention, reduce churn, and increase customer advocacy.

If your business is a subscription business model or you’re considering adding that as a customer offering, you’ll want to read this book.


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Show Notes:

Subscription Marketing: Strategies for Nurturing Customers in a World of Churn by Anne Janzer

Anne's Website (AnneJanzer.com)

Anne's land page for MBP listeners (AnneJanzer.com/MBPodcast)

Book Website (SubscriptionMarketingBook.com)

The Membership Economy by Robbie Kellman Baxter

What to Do When its Your Turn (and its Always Your Turn) by Seth Godin

The Content Code by Mark Schaefer (Marketing Book Podcast interview)

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Douglas Burdett
Douglas Burdett
The Principal and Founder of Artillery, Douglas Burdett is a former artillery officer and Madison Avenue ad man. He also hosts The Marketing Book Podcast, where he interviews authors every week about the latest in modern marketing and sales.

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