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Our Purpose, Cause and Passion
What we’re genetically encoded to do and why we enjoy coming to work each day.



We’re curious. And we’re uneasy if we’re not learning something new. Fortunately, we’re in a field that has changed more in the last five years than in the previous 50 so there’s lots to keep up with on a weekly basis. That expertise is what our clients are paying is for. But more importantly, the day we grow weary of learning new things that can help our clients is the day we close the doors.


The Stoics of classical antiquity were keen on reminding us of our own mortality via the idea of memento mori, which translates as "remember that you will die." We love a good laugh, revel in not taking ourselves too seriously and enjoy spreading the mirth. A day without laughter is a lot of work.


Are we making a difference for our clients’ business? Are we hitting the target? Do we know where the target is? If not, we won’t do it. Sometimes that means talking the client out of doing something from which we might profit, but would ultimately not help their business. We have to understand what our clients need to understand how it can be measured. It’s only through this lens of impact that we're able to earn our clients’ trust.

Our Principles and Core Values
Based on Traction these are our core values.



We don’t lie, cheat or steal and will not associate with those who do. That goes for employees, vendors and clients. A reputation takes a lifetime to develop for a person or a company but can be gone in a minute. Never, ever forget that we’re in the business of trust. 


Do what you say you’re going to do. Don’t make a promise to a colleague or a client unless you can deliver. Effective teamwork and client service begins with being fully accountable for yourself, your promises and your actions.


Ego is the enemy. Take your work seriously but not yourself. We’re not curing cancer, but what we do can help our clients’ businesses dramatically. Treat other people as you would like to be treated. Don’t be an asshole. Empathy is the key to success in our industry and in life.


Our clients need us to help lead them to a better business situation. If they were able to do that themselves they wouldn’t need us. Take ownership of whatever situation you’re in, even if you’re not in charge.


We work in the knowledge economy, which uses expertise to generate tangible results to grow our clients’ businesses. 


We follow a strict "No Bullshit Policy" in our office and with our clients. We focus on what works. We get to the point. And we despise corporate doublespeak, marketing jargon and anything that keeps communication from moving in a straight line.    

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