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Start with therapy

Speak with Douglas Burdett to discuss if your company is ready to begin the journey of taking ownership of your company’s growth and becoming much better known, liked, and trusted.

If it turns out that you’re not ready for the road to recovery, there are still some self-guided resources available.

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The Intervention

Breaking an addiction involves change. Change is hard.

Humans naturally fear change.

But organizational change is made easier when everyone understands why the change is necessary, what they need to do, and what the benefits of the change will be.

That’s the purpose of the one-day workshop with management, sales and marketing leadership, subject matter experts and customer-facing employees.

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The 12-Step Program

Over the course of 18 months, your organization will be trained and coached on the essential elements of insourcing your marketing efforts that will lead to:

  • A leadership team that sees digital marketing and sales enablement as a priority.
  • A shorter sales cycle with improved close rates and better margins.
  • A website that attracts and educates visitors and guides them to purchase.
  • A sales team that is bought in to your marketing strategy.
  • A video-first approach to your sales and marketing objectives.
  • A content strategy that helps prospects make buying decision.
  • A clear way to accurately measure the ROI of your marketing efforts.
Learn more about the 12-Step Program