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Why B2B Marketers Should Use Slideshare for Content Marketing

B2B marketers who use SlideShare can increase awareness and credibility, generate leads and rank higher with search engines.

slide share b2b marketing

SlideShare is the YouTube of slide sharing websites. Its users include B2B marketers, The White House, and the US Army and Navy.

It is the largest presentation sharing community on the Internet. On SlideShare, you can upload and share (publicly or privately) presentations, videos, music files and more.

The users of SlideShare are numerous (60 million visitors a month) and tend to be business owners and professionals. The greatest benefits to businesses who use SlideShare is for content marketing.

In the infographic below from Column Five Media, SlideShare is referred to as the “quiet giant of content marketing.”

Column Five defines content marketing as:

“A marketing technique that involves the creation or sharing of content for the purpose of engaging customers.  More and more companies are incorporating content marketing into their overall digital strategies.”

It is also the top strategy marketers use in their B2B marketing programs.

With five times the traffic from business professionals than other popular websites, and 1,140 slides viewed per second, it’s a platform B2B marketers should consider adding to their their marketing strategy.

(For more benefits and uses of SlideShare, flip through the “SlideShare 101″ presentation further below.)

slideshare b2b marketing

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