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Be Like Amazon: Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do It by Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg with Roy H. Williams

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Bryan Eisenberg is a professional marketing keynote speaker and an internationally recognized authority and pioneer in online marketing, improving conversion rates, persuasive content, persona marketing, and helping organizations improve their customer experiences.

He is the co-author of the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, USA Today and New York Times bestselling books Call to Action, Waiting For Your Cat to Bark?, Always Be Testing and Buyer Legends.

Buyer Legends is also the name of the company Bryan co-founded with his brother Jeffrey.

He has been a featured expert by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times CNN, Forrester Research and many many other organizations, and serves as an advisory board member of several venture capital backed startup companies.

The Host’s Perspective:

This is a very creative and very different kind of business book. It is told in the form of a dialog between a wise, avuncular mentor and a young man. The two are long-time acquaintances. The young man has a company which is struggling.

As they go for a drive and stop at a Starbucks, the mentor helps the young man discover what he is doing wrong with his business. The older man draws upon real examples from both successful and failed businesses.

The focus of the book centers around how Amazon and other businesses large and small are able to delight their customers and build enormously profitable businesses using what the old man refers to as “the four pillars of success.”

The four pillars are customer centricity, continuous optimization, a culture of innovation and corporate agility. While the concepts may be easy to describe, for most companies they are enormously difficult to execute. As the story unfolds, the reader learns why so many companies struggle to build upon the four pillars.

But for those companies that are able to essentially install a new mental operating system focused on their customers, the results can be inconceivably transformative. One of the keys to success repeated in the book is that companies need to look beyond the data about company performance and see the data that reveals their customers’ reality.

By doing that and adopting the four pillars, successful companies are realizing that in this new world where the customer has all the power, the big fish are not eating the small fish. But rather the fast fish are eating the slow fish.

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Show Notes

Be Like Amazon: Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do It by Bryan Eisenberg, Jeffrey Eisenberg, and Roy H Williams

Roy H. Williams Amazon Page (

Roy H. William’s Website (

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