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Do It! Marketing: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits, and Crush Your Competition by David Newman

David Newman is a professional services marketer, strategic business coach and nationally acclaimed marketing speaker who presents to groups of entrepreneurs and executives who want to generate more leads, better prospects, and bigger sales.

David has been featured and quoted in the New York Times, Investors Business Daily,, Sales And Marketing Management, Selling Power, NBC-TV and Entrepreneur magazine.

Interesting fact – David is the owner of the world’s sweetest Labrador Retriever named Woofie – who has her own website

The Host’s Perspective:


Are you completely overwhelmed by modern marketing and don’t even know how to get started? I’ve got your book.

Here are just three of the book’s many, many big ideas that particularly resonated with me.

1- Asking when your marketing will lead to sales is like filling up your car’s gas tank and asking, “Why aren’t we there yet?”

Filling your car with gas is a necessary but not sufficient step in getting you to your destination (such as a new customer or client). Marketing is just the first step, but that doesn’t make it any less vital to your success.

Do you have a chance of arriving now that your gas tank is full? Sure! Did you have a chance of getting there with your tank empty? No.

2-Companies that claim they don’t need to do any marketing because 99 percent of their business is repeat and referral business are cutting of their nose to spite their face. Do they really think that referrals don’t check them out online before picking up the phone?

What kind of message are they sending to referrals by having an outdated website, a sporadically updated blog, an abandoned Twitter account, bare bones LinkedIn profiles and company updates from 5 years ago?

3-Companies need to stop talking “marketing speak” and start speaking in a new profit-rich dialect known as “prospect.” Companies that are able to ditch the “marketing speak” of talking all about themselves and their products and services and instead focus on the true pain points their customers have are breaking through, earning trust, winning new customers and growing faster.

This book will help you navigate the overwhelming number of options available to companies in trying to figure out how to get ahead in marketing and sales by showing you what to focus on to get started on a smart, cost-effective approach.

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Show Notes

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