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Marketing Multiplied: A Real-world Guide To Channel Marketing For Beginners, Practitioners, And Executives by Mike Moore and Peter Thomas

Mike Moore serves as Averetek’s VP of Channel Strategy. Mike has spent twenty-three years in information technology as a channel partner and as a channel and field marketer for software companies like Microsoft, GE Healthcare, and Progress Software.

And interesting fact: he was a military policeman in the Massachusetts Army National Guard.

The Host’s Perspective

Do you work for a company that markets and sells products and services indirectly through distributors or partners?

That type of marketing, most often known as “channel marketing” is also sometimes referred to as “local marketing” or “partner marketing,” “affiliate marketing” or “alliance marketing.”

And when it is done correctly, it can multiply your sales exponentially.

Do it wrong and you’ll hemorrhage your marketing budget.

Regardless of what it’s called, there are a lot of companies doing it. In fact, there are almost 2 million people on LinkedIn with “channel marketing” job titles.

And while there’s a lot of people doing it, until now, there hasn’t been a book that offered solid, real-world ideas that could benefit a channel marketer whether they were new to their role or had been in it for some time.

The book offers a framework for organizing your channel marketing efforts by aligning it with the modern buyer’s journey.

It then divides your channel marketing into four sections: 1) marketing to the partner, 2) marketing with the partner, 3) marketing through the partner, and 4) marketing for the partner.

“Marketing Multiplied” also includes lots of practical tools and resources that you can apply to your channel marketing efforts today.

And in a nod to the proverb that “forewarned is forearmed,” the book includes an entire chapter that highlights the biggest problems and pitfalls of channel marketing and how to troubleshoot them (often before they happen).


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Show Notes

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