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Douglas Burdett and James Muir Debut Monthly B2B Growth Show “Book Talk”

Marketing Book Podcast Host and Artillery Founder/Principal Douglas Burdett has debuted the monthly “”Book Talk”” episode of The B2B Growth Show. Joining him as co-host is James Muir, author  of The Perfect Close: The Secret to Closing Sales – the Best Selling Practices & Techniques for Closing the Deal.

Each monthly episode will recap the books recently featured on The Marketing Book Podcast.

The B2B Growth Show is a daily podcast dedicated to helping B2B executives achieve explosive growth. One of the most popular marketing and sales podcasts (which has recently surpassed the 1,000 episode milestone), each episode features an interview with a B2B marketing executive or thought leader, discussing topics like B2B marketing strategy, account-based marketing (ABM), content marketing, marketing technology (MarTech), B2B strategic partnerships, aligning marketing with sales, social media, content creation and promotion, leadership, buyer personas, agile marketing, and more.

To listen to the introductory announcement about the monthly “”Book Talk”” click here (or the graphic below).To listen to the first episode of the B2B Growth Show “”Book Talk”” click here (or the graphic below).

To listen to the first episode of the B2B Growth Show “Book Talk” click here (or the graphic below).

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