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Marketing Metrics: Leverage Analytics and Data to Optimize Marketing Strategies by Christina Inge

About the Book

Stop feeling overwhelmed by data and start using it to its full potential, to create an agile and forward-looking strategy that enables customer-centric marketing builds your brand, and develops product strategies.

Many brands talk about creating a marketing strategy powered by data, analytics, and metrics.

Yet too often they’re still overwhelmed by data, or unsure of how to use it to create a flexible and future-focused strategy that doesn’t just validate what’s happened in the past.

Marketing Metrics takes readers through all the stages of implementing a data-first strategy, from early-stage adoption to more advanced customization.

Featuring examples from a range of organizations including Coca-Cola and Mercedes-Benz, it shows how to create a strategy that leverages consumer data for customer-centric marketing, establishes the ROI of channels and campaigns, strengthens brands, and creates data-driven product strategies.

Covering the range of new global laws that impact consumer privacy and data collection and usage, Marketing Metrics shows how to use data in a non-invasive, secure, and ethical way.

Also showing how to communicate critical data to the right stakeholders and the skills of the data-savvy marketer, this is a clear and jargon-free guide to creating a future-focused and data-powered marketing strategy.

About the Author

Christina Inge is the Founder and CEO of Thoughtlight, a tech consulting company that specializes in digital marketing and analytics strategies.

She has worked with well-established Brands such as Nissan, the Smithsonian, and Pegasystems, as well as a range of startups and nonprofits.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, she is a member of the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council and has served on the board of the American Marketing Association Boston.

An instructor at Harvard University Extension School and Northeastern University College of Professional Studies, she is a frequent and sought-after speaker and has been published in numerous industry publications

And, interesting fact – she is also a quilt maker!

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