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Winning Digital Customers: The Antidote to Irrelevance by Howard Tiersky

About the Author

Howard Tiersky has been named by IDG as one of the “Top 10 Digital Transformation Influencers to Follow Today.” As an entrepreneur, he has launched two successful companies that help large brands transform to thrive in the digital age: FROM, The Digital Transformation Agency, and Innovation Loft.

His dozens of Fortune 1000 clients have included Verizon, NBC, Viacom, Avis, Universal Studios, Crayola, Morgan Stanley, Conde Nast, the NBA, Visa, and digital leaders like Facebook, Spotify, and Amazon.

Prior to founding his own company, Howard spent 18 years with Ernst & Young Consulting, which then became part of Capgemini, one of the world’s leading global consulting firms, where he helped launch their digital practice.

Howard speaks regularly at major industry conferences and is proud to have served on the faculty of the NYU Tisch School of Arts, his alma mater.

And, interesting fact – Howard is an avid scuba diver, having logged more than 500 Dives over the last 20 years!

About the Book

Customers today expect the brands they deal with to deliver an increasingly outstanding and seamless digital experience. Those that do are thriving. Those that don’t are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Executives charged with leading any aspect of digital face many challenges, which often include:

  • Organizational resistance
  • Outdated technology
  • Inadequate funding
  • The wrong talent
  • Lack of alignment on what the vision for the future should be

All these challenges have solutions. Winning Digital Customers lays out a proven formula for transforming any company to thrive in this digital age.

In this new book, Tiersky lays out a simple but detailed five-step methodology that any company can follow to align their teams around a vision for the customer experience that will:

  • Maximize their competitiveness in the market,
  • Identify the quick wins that will help them out of the gate, and
  • Ultimately drive the transformation needed to bring their company into alignment with today’s digital world.

As part of that methodology, he shares a proven approach to integrating Design Thinking and Journey Mapping to more predictably drive business results.

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