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Myths of Branding: Dispel the Misconceptions and Become a Brand Expert by Andy Milligan and Simon Bailey

About the Book

A brand is just a logo – everyone knows that, don’t they? After all, it’s not as though a good brand can save a bad business, and besides, the digital revolution is making branding irrelevant…

Myths of Branding, written by renowned branding experts Andy Milligan and Simon Bailey, explores the huge number of misguided, mistaken, and blatantly false myths that abound in the branding arena.

From the belief that developing brands is nothing more than fiddling with logos to the perception that it’s a ‘soft’ area of marketing that doesn’t go beyond visual identity and that the customer is always right – these myths are all surprisingly entrenched, yet could not be further from the truth.

Myths of Branding uses up-to-date case studies and witty examples to debunk these popular misconceptions and replaces them with the reality of what it’s really like to work in the world of branding.

Jam-packed with entertaining anecdotes and useful information that practitioners can learn from, it guarantees a deeper, sharper understanding of the realities of branding and brand management.

About the Author

Andy Milligan is a leading international brand and business consultant and is acknowledged as an expert in all areas of brand development.

He advises CEOs and senior management teams, on strategies for developing and exploiting brands and growing their business.

Andy’s experience spans industries as diverse as airlines, financial services, packaged goods, telecommunications, sports and leisure, and pharmaceuticals.

He has directed significant programs in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, the USA, and Europe. Clients he has worked with include Nissan, World Wildlife Fund, McLaren, Barclays, Unilever, Thai Airways, and FIFA.

Andy is a regular speaker at conferences internationally and has made frequent appearances in the media, including on BBC, Sky, and CNN.

He has published six other best-selling books: See, Feel, Think Do, which explores the success of instinct in business; Brand It Like Beckham which analyses the success of David Beckham as a celebrity brand; Uncommon Practice which examines the link between great brands and their corporate cultures; Don’t Mess With the Logo which is a straight-talking guide to brand building and BOLD, voted ‘Management e-book of the Year’, which reveals the practices that make great brands stand out, and turn customers into fans.

Andy’s last book, On Purpose, is a practical guide to executing business purpose successfully by delivering a branded customer experience people love.

And, interesting fact – after graduating from Oxford, he was trained to be an actor!

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