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Hello, I'm Douglas Burdett.

I genuinely appreciate your interest in being a guest on The Marketing Book Podcast, which was named by LinkedIn as one of “10 Podcasts that Will Make You a Better Marketer” and by Forbes as one of “11 Smart Podcasts That Will Keep You In The Know.”

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“As a first-class interviewer, Douglas has built a targeted, highly-engaged audience. I still hear from people who find my episodes years later. I’d recommend this podcast to any business author who enjoys thoughtful conversation.”

“A spike in sales and personal notes from readers saying, ‘I heard about your book on the Marketing Book Podcast?’ Yes, please! On top of that, it’s an A+ (and fun) interview experience.”
“If you want to stay informed on the best books in the sales and marketing world I highly recommend listening to Doug’s show. It’s absolutely one of my favorites and I listen to it every single Friday.”

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I want this to be  a successful  interview for you, so please review the following information about show format, recording process and questions.

David Meerman Scott and Douglas Burdett.

Time needed to record the interview does not typically exceed 1 hour. Below is the interview flow for your review. Based on experience and feedback, REAL LIFE EXAMPLES of the ideas presented in your book are key to inspiring the listener to learn more and take action.

We’ll speak briefly before we start recording to check the sound and answer any final questions you might have. I might ask you to pronounce your name for me. Then we’ll start recording. I will introduce you and your book, and welcome you to the show.

This is not a live recording, so if you need to restate something, please do – it’s perfectly fine for your to re-record a sentence where you’ve stumbled over a word, or gotten a fact wrong. Every show is edited after it is recorded.

Schedule Your Interview

Please confirm your time zone and click the red “Continue” button below to schedule a date and time for your interview.

I try to interview one author per week which gives me time to read (or re-read) each book just before the interview. As a result, sometimes there is a 1-2 month delay in availabilities.

If none of the dates or times are convenient, please let me know when you are available and we’ll coordinate. (For instance, sometimes the North American time zones can be a challenge for authors in the Asia–Pacific region.)

At your earliest convenience, please provide hi-res files of your 1) headshot and 2) book cover image.

For the book cover, please provide a flat, non-angled version like the one shown above.

You may upload the artwork and files by clicking the button below.

Or, you may email the files to me: douglas (@) – Otherwise, I will do my best to get the correct images from the Internet.

Also, if you have a bio prepared that I may use please upload or email that, too. Otherwise, I will prepare one based on your book, website and LinkedIn profile.

If you have any links, videos, SlideShares or resources that you’d like included in the show notes, please provide those as well. Otherwise, as things that can be linked to are mentioned in the interview, I’ll include them in the show notes.

For the sake of the listener
and your reputation.

Technical Details
 (This is REALLY important!) 

The show is an audio-only podcast.

NOTE: we will NOT be using Skype as indicated in the video. Instead, we’ll connect on which requires you to use a CHROME BROWSER (I haven’t updated the video yet).


For the best sound quality, please:

If you do not have a good headset that plugs into your computer, this might be a good time to get one.

Here is a headset/microphone that is a great value and will make you sound excellent (I guarantee it):

If you would like to do a 5-minute audio check a few days prior to your interview date, please

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to email me or call me at 757 652 0103