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Inspire Your Buyers: Go to Market with a Story That Sizzles by Bruce Scheer

bruce scheer inspire your buyers

About the Book

Inspire Your Buyers provides a proven, tested model to develop a compelling go-to-market narrative that will accelerate your revenue growth while rapidly bringing your product, marketing, and sales teams into alignment.

Bruce Scheer developed this revolutionary go-to-market narrative model over the course of his twenty-five-year career, helping several industry giants, including IBM, Microsoft, HP, Google, Alcatel-Lucent, and McKesson rapidly grow their revenue with their go-to-market narrative.

Bruce’s go-to-market narrative model will give you the edge you are looking for in achieving your business growth goals.

Using real examples from his career, Bruce offers actionable insights on how to:

  • Target the right buyers
  • Spotlight their Big Problem
  • Help them envision their Desired Outcome
  • Show how your Big Solution will deliver the Desired Outcome
  • Develop a set of prescribed Next Steps that will help you and your buyers move forward faster, closing more deals with a higher close rate
  • Communicate your narrative through simple, unforgettable visuals

People act based on emotions, and the best way to inspire them to take action is through narratives.

With this book, you will learn how to engage your buyers in a compelling go-to-market narrative that makes them the hero and inspires them to take action with you and your solution.

About the Author

Bruce Scheer is an author, international keynote speaker, and the CEO of

He has applied and honed his go-to-market narrative development model with industry giants such as IBM, SAP, Microsoft, HP, Oracle, Google, Adobe, Citibank, Motorola, and numerous startups around the world.

He is the President of the National Speakers Association Northwest and – he and his wife live on Vashon Island, in Washington State during the summers.

And, interesting fact – in the winter, he and his wife travel throughout North America, living in an Airstream trailer.

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