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The Ultimate Customer Experience: 5 Steps Everyone Must Know to Excite Your Customers, Engage Your Colleagues, and Enjoy Your Work by Scott McKain

scott mckain ultimate customer experience

About the Book

In The Ultimate Customer Experience, Scott McKain, award-winning speaker and author, reveals the five steps for connecting with customers in today’s changing workplace.

When was the last time you were a customer and received the Ultimate Customer Experience? Can you even remember?

You’ve probably received great service from companies that you know didn’t give a damn about my business. How did that happen?

Here is one possible answer: an individual cared about customers and overcame the obvious deficiencies in their organization’s inferior approach and lack of values.

There are five fundamental aspects to creating the Ultimate Customer Experience for the clients and prospects you deal with every single day.

Even during this post-pandemic period as we come to grips with—and try to learn how—business has been changed forever, the level at which we connect with customers has never been more important.

The five steps to creating an Ultimate Customer Experience are:

  1. Don’t Make It Right . . . GET It Right!
  2. Make a Great Impression
  3. Serve with Empathy
  4. Connect with Emotion
  5. Take Personal Responsibility

If you are investing your own resources in reading this book, that means you’re taking the most important step any of us can ever take—a step toward personal growth. You wouldn’t read this book if all you want to do is tread water and remain the same.

If you want to take personal responsibility for how you engage your customers—Scott McKain will show you how.

About the Author

Scott McKain’s experiences have been diverse and remarkable.

From playing the villain in a Werner Herzog film that esteemed film critic Roger Ebert named as one of the fifty great movies in the history of the cinema, to being inducted into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame; from having been chosen (along with Zig Ziglar, Dale Carnegie, and Seth Godin) as one of thirty members of the Sales and Marketing Hall of Fame, to a decade as a globally syndicated television commentator on the entertainment scene, it’s not a stretch to say Scott McKain’s life has been distinctive.

He has spoken on platforms in all fifty US states and forty countries and his expertise has been quoted multiple times in publications including USA Today, the New York Times, Wall St. Journal, and the International Herald-Tribune.

And, interesting fact – Arnold Schwarzenegger once booked Scott for a presentation at the White House with the President in the audience!

arnold schwarzenegger

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